Intel’s credit card-sized “Computer Card” allows you to upgrade your hardware quickly

Intel computer card
Intel computer card

Technology begins to get obsolete very quickly these days. Have you been using your smartphone for the past five years? There is a big chance you haven’t. At the most people use their smartphones and other gadgets for 2-3 years. Even if your smartphone or tablet is working fine, its hardware cannot keep up with the demands of the latest apps, HD video formats and connectivity advancements. So sooner or later, just to be able to use the latest technology, you need to discard your old smartphone and purchase a new one.

But purchasing a new smartphone can be expensive and difficult and these are the problems Intel’s new credit card-sized Computer Card aims to solve.

The Intel Computer Card is a ready-made computer, having memory, storage, SoC (system on a chip: all necessary electronic circuits and parts needed on a motherboard), Bluetooth, input/output options and wireless connectivity – everything is built-in. All you need is a case or a system that intends to use these functions and you have a gadget ready to be used. Whenever you need to upgrade, all you have to do is, get the new Computer Card and you’re all set to go with the latest hardware requirement.

Computer Card was introduced at the latest CES in Las Vegas.

The card is 3.7 inches long, 2.2 inches wide and 0.2 inches thick.

Computer card comes with the 7th Generation Intel Kaby Lake processor.

Since Computer Card is very small, it cannot have a USB connection or even bigger connectors to connect a display monitor or keyboard to it. So, it’s not that you hook into a monitor and keyboard and it can be used as a computer, no, it will be used as a computing device for other gadgets like flying drones, robots, TVs, digital signboards, home appliances, and of course, smartphones and tablets.

You can get more information on Computer Card on this Intel webpage dedicated to the same.

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