Instant messaging app Telegram has launched a blog publishing platform


Telegram is a niche instant messaging app service. Now encryption has been introduced in almost every instant messaging app but until a year or so ago, Telegram was one of the only few instant messaging apps that provided end-to-end encryption and this is why it was widely being used by privacy-conscious citizens as well as terrorist organisations.

Telegram seems to be seriously entering the realm of content publishing and content consumption. First it introduced the Instant View feature that allows Telegram users to browse articles and blog posts in a faster, easier manner, devoid of all the bells and whistles that come with a typical web page. It will natively save the text portion of the article (and the needed images or videos) that will not just help you save bandwidth but will also enable you to access your favourite articles and blog posts easily and quickly. But that’s just one side of it and it has been recently tweeted about by the company:

Now Telegram would also like you to be able to create your own blogging content if you want to instantly respond to the articles and blog posts you are reading, just like the way you can do on Medium, another popular blogging platform. This new blogging platform is called Telegraph.

Coming back to the topic of Instant View, when someone shares a link via Telegram you will be able to tap on “Instant View” and you will be immediately taken to the body of the article or the blog post. Right now, the friendly format shows only Medium and TechCrunch posts in a friendly manner but soon, almost all publishing sources will appear in a friendly format. Once you are in Instant View, you can create your own blog post using the inbuilt Telegram blogging platform Telegraph. Right now you can straightaway head to Telegraph, create a new blog post and quickly share it on your Telegram instant messaging account.

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