Instant messaging app Serkit allows you to delete messages even after sending them

Serkit instant messaging app – delete messages even after sending them
Serkit instant messaging app – delete messages even after sending them

Do you ever wish you could delete the message that you have just sent out using your favourite instant messaging app? Well, Serkit is an instant messaging app that allows you to delete or edit messages that you have already sent, and you can do much more than that.

There are overwhelming reasons why you would like to try out this new instant messaging app, for example with Serkit you can

  • Recall (delete) or edit messages that you have already sent
  • Encrypt your messages at the phone level so that nobody around you can go through your conversations
  • Organise different conversations into logical threads based on your replies no matter how many chat conversations you are engaging in – you never lose context
  • “Like” messages in case you don’t want to reply to them
  • Forward your messages to any number of chats and contacts simultaneously

Here is the video of the Serkit instant messaging app highlighting its main features:

There are many features in Serkit that you already have in contemporary instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line and Telegram but there are some features that you don’t have in them but you have them in Serkit. For example, end-to-end encryption these days is available in every instant messaging app. This means, when your messages leave your mobile phone they are encrypted and they cannot be intercepted by a third party or by a government authority. This is good and essential for privacy.

But what about maintaining your privacy within your surroundings when your messages haven’t left your mobile phone? Anybody can pick up your phone and go through your messages because on your phone the messages are not encrypted. This is where you find Serkit more useful compared to other messaging apps. You can encrypt individual conversation threads in Serkit so people around you have no access to those messages. This is one of the biggest instant messaging problems Serkit solves: it gives you device-level privacy.

Another nag, as already mentioned above, is the total loss of control over messages that you have already sent. Once a message is sent, you have no control over it. Many times you regret sending a message that has been typed wrongly or that was sent in the heat of a moment. In Serkit you can delete the messages that you have sent or you can edit them. There is a “Recall” button in Serkit that allows you to delete messages, or recall them, even when you have already sent them. Although messages are deleted in Snapchat too, you are not in control, it happens automatically.

Why try out a new instant messaging app when there is a slew of already-established instant messaging apps? The overwhelming reasons I have already mentioned above.

Well-known instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram are under the radar of many governments. For example, at the time of writing this, WhatsApp is blocked in Brazil, yes, again. So if you are in one of the countries where the popular instant messaging app is constantly being blocked or monitored, perhaps this is the right time to try out a relatively lesser known and much better instant messaging app and also encourage your friends to use it.

Serkit is available on Android and iOS.

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