An instant messaging app for kids by Disney called Disney Mix

instant messaging app for kids from Disney

There is practically a deluge of instant messaging apps on the Internet but there is no instant messaging app for kids. This is a gap that Disney has planned to fill by launching a family-friendly instant messaging app for children.

This new instant messaging app from Disney can be used by children of 4 years and above. The new instant messaging app for small children is called Disney Mix which will provide family-friendly interface and content to the kids despite looking almost the same as popular apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and Telegram. What distinguishes it from other apps is that it will come with moderation features, and along with being able to chat, kids will also be able to play games, make memes and share stickers with each other. They will also be lots of educational content available in Disney Mix.

Once installed, children can create personalised avatars. Disney Mix already has a huge collection of characters that youngsters love and while using Disney they will be able to use these characters to create memes and stickers to make messaging fun and meaningful.

What makes Disney Mix a better instant messaging app for kids?

Kids won’t be able to use inappropriate chat language and no strangers will be allowed. Dashes will be used instead of words when objectionable words are used. There will be human moderators supervising the conversations. No strangers will be able to send you messages. You won’t be receiving messages from people you don’t know when you use the instant messaging app for kids. There is a series of community rules to make sure that no inappropriate conversations take place. Disney Mix adheres to the U.S. Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act(COPPA) that stops companies from marketing their products and services directly to children and also stops them from collecting personal information.

Is there a good chance of an instant messaging app for kids succeeding?

Sure there is. Instant messaging has gotten as mainstream as it gets. Small children these days are using Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to exchange messages with their friends and classmates. The problem with these mainstream instant messaging apps is that there is no supervision. Nobody is moderating conversations although very small kids cannot use these apps. But once they start using it, unless someone constantly keeps a watch, it’s very difficult to moderate what’s going on within the instant messaging app.

In the Disney Mix instant messaging app, if Disney is to be believed, moderation is inbuilt and inappropriate conversations can be reported and blocked. They will be human moderators moderating the ongoing conversations. An instant messaging app specifically for kids is an indication that even small children are using mobile phones and tablets to communicate with each other.

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