Install ADB or Fastboot without installing the complete Android SDK


Have you been thinking of installing ADB on your Android smartphone or tablet but the thought of installing the complete Android Studio has been holding you back? Here’s the good news for you. You can install individual modules without having to completely install Android Studio.

You need to install ADB to transfer files to your Android smartphone over USB from your computer when you need to install system-level tools and utilities that are not normally allowed by your running operating system.

ADB stands for “Android Debug Bridge”. It is a command-line utility included with the Google’s Android SDK. Again, SDK stands for “Software Development Kit” and in this particular case, you normally need to install the Google Android SDK when you are trying to develop an Android app.

So, you need to install ADB to do stuff that your phone, while running, doesn’t allow you to run. For example, if you want to install a utility that gives you root access to your phone, or you want to install a different version of Android than what came with your smartphone, you need to do it through ADB.

If you don’t intend to develop an Android app but you don’t want to install the complete Android Studio in order to install ADB, now you can download the direct module and use it instead. Given below are the links for your particular operating system:

Download the Android SDK tools for Windows

Download the Android SDK tools for Linux

Download the Android SDK tools for Mac OS

A good thing about these links is that they are straight from Google instead of some unknown and unverified website. This Google Plus update has been posted by a Google software engineer Elliot Hughes, and these links are being offered by Google directly.

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