Is Instagram turning into a video sharing app

Instagram turning into a video sharing app
Instagram turning into a video sharing app

You have always known Instagram is a photo sharing app but it seems now it is moving towards becoming a video-sharing app. As reported on this Recode link, the Instagram photo sharing app has started recommending videos under the new category called “Event Video Channels”. While you are browsing through your Instagram stream, it will make some suggestions based on your browsing history and recommend videos accordingly.

But why is Instagram turning into a video sharing app? Video, it seems, is going to rule the roost. Mary Meeker has predicted that by 2017, 74% of all web traffic will be video-related. People are already watching more YouTube videos on their mobile phones than on their PCs and laptops. So there is always this nagging feeling that when it comes to video sharing, we are being left behind. This is why every mobile app and social networking website is embracing video sharing. Recently Twitter tried to broadcast Wimbledon live.

There are plenty of instant messaging apps that already allow you to share video, for example Snapchat and Vine, so what’s different in Instagram? It’s not necessary that you have to be different. Recently Instagram introduced Instagram Stories that allows you to post a series of photographs and images centred around a particular event or a chain of happenings. The above Recode link suggests that Instagram Stories was just a precursor to Instagram turning into a video sharing app.

Video sharing is a natural progression as it becomes easier and cheaper to upload videos on the go. Data plans are quite affordable these days and usually there is lots of space on mobile phones. Even video apps are improving to a great degree. Almost everybody can live-broadcast these days. So it obviously becomes irresistible for Instagram to turn into a video sharing app from a photo sharing app.

Remember how different web design tutorials used to suggest that we should use minimum images so that pages load fast and they don’t hog the bandwidth of their visitors? Long gone are those days. It doesn’t even matter how many images a particular page has because bandwidth remains no longer an issue. The same is happening with videos. It doesn’t take much to quickly record a video and upload it to your preferred video sharing app or website. With the sort of mobile phones and Internet connectivity we have these days, soon it will cease to matter whether Instagram remains a photo sharing app or completely turns into a video sharing app.

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