InkCase Plus surpassed its Kickstarter campaign project of $100,000

Read ebooks with InkCase Plus

I’m really looking forward to getting hold of InkCase Plus so I’ll be tracking tiny bits of news about the product and the company as I come by them. When they were launching their project on they had put a target of raising $ 100,000 within 24 hours. They weren’t just able to raise that much amount they were also able to surpass it, they were able to collect $ 152,673 from 976 backers. Recently I wrote about the product.

According to the team, “Following the success of the acclaimed InkCase, the second generation InkCase Plus now packs more power as a modular second screen for Android smartphones. With the new ability to install apps, InkCase Plus has become the converged multifunctional second screen for E Ink devices; just like the smartphone for communication and personal devices.”

Do you think such a screen can pose a challenge to the different e-book reading devices that are in the market for instance Kindle reader and Kobe reader? The strongest points of these devices are that the text and other information are visible under the sun and strong light, which is not possible on normal smart phone and tablet screens. Primarily this is why people buy e-book readers although another benefit is there is less distraction. But if you want you can also lower the level of distractions on your smart phones, so that is not the big issue. The only issue that remains is, an ability to read under the sun and if this can be taken care of by a second InkCase Plus screen, it can easily eat into the market of conventional e-book readers.

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