Indian drivers may keep their driving license and RC information in their smartphones


Keeping your diving license and RC with you might soon be history. Drivers in India will soon be able to carry their driving license and RC information in their smartphones. The service per se is not new – many people in India have been using the DigiLocker app since last year to keep their official documents in the cloud so that they can be immediately available when needed. It’s just that now they can also keep their driving license and RC information in the same DigiLocker cloud account while keeping a digital copy of the same documents on their mobile phones. Police will be asked to recognise these digital documents on smartphones as actual documents.

The sort of documents that you can store in your DigiLocker count include college degree certificates, voter ID card, PAN card, driver’s license and RC documents, along with a slew of other documents that you would like to keep. The app gives you one GB of storage space which should be enough to keep all your digital documents.

All those who want to keep their driving licence and RC information in their smartphone need to first install the DigiLocker app on their smartphone and then create an account if they haven’t already done so. The people managing the DigiLocker will be able to verify documents from the National Register of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

DigiLocker is a great initiative to reduce paperwork and encourage people to digitise as many documents as they can, on their own.

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