In the wake of the Donald Trump victory, the Secret app is being revived


Last year a social networking app called Secret was launched (and shut down) with great fanfare. The Secret app was for anonymously exchanging messages so that nobody knew who you are. With Secret you could exchange no holds barred messages because of the level of anonymity it provided – this anonymity is completely missing in Facebook. Although some sort of anonymity is available on Twitter and other social networking mobile apps, the Secret app intended to take the level of anonymity to a whole new level.

After Donald Trump’s victory, the developer of the Secret app, David Byttow, thinks that if there ever was a good time to have such an app, the time is now. People need to exchange messages with each other and they need to remain anonymous.

As quoted in this Engadget report, David says, “It’s too important not to exist.”. He says that people need this Secret app in order to “heal and work together”. He feels that people are no longer comfortable being themselves so they need to communicate with each other under the veil of anonymity.

It isn’t yet clear when the Secret app will be available for the “traumatized” masses to be used. This time, David Byttow won’t be working on the app himself: he will be adding a new team. He will be supervising the development.

Interestingly, Edward Snowden released the NSA secrets during Barack Obama’s presidency during which people were supposed to be totally free to do whatever they wanted to do and totally free to say whatever they wanted to say. He has been exiled ever since then.

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