In the latest HP printers you cannot use third-party cartridges


If you use your printer a lot you must have used third-party cartridges great many times, especially when they are cheaper than the cartridges being provided by your printer company. For example, if you are using an HP printer or a Canon printer, and if third-party cartridges are cheaper than HP or Canon printer, you most probably go for third-party cartridges. Although all the printer companies warn you that you should not use third-party cartridges and they may harm your printer, over a couple of years printers anyway go bad so there is no harm in using third-party cartridges. Many households own a printer, as having one just makes it more convenient to do work at home and complete projects, rather than having to go an internet cafe everyday. From the use of portable printers, laser printers to Inkjet printers, there are many to choose from, but this all depends on your needs and requirements.

In fact, some people don’t even purchase a new cartridge, they simply get ink from the market and use syringes to refill the same old cartridges. HP is planning to go strongly on such practices.

You won’t be able to use a third-party cartridge in the latest HP printer. If you try to use a third-party cartridge with this latest HP printer, the printer will tell you that the cartridge is damaged. And this isn’t a one-off case. According to this Ars Technica update, thousands of HP printer owners got this message that their ink cartridges were “damaged” and needed to be replaced. Suddenly, there are lots of cartridges to be sold at HP. The link above says that selling printer cartridges is one of the biggest profit centres of the company. After all, once you have purchased a printer you have to buy cartridges – both colour and black and white – routinely. With almost every school insisting for kids having printers at home, the market has suddenly exploded for companies like HP that sell printers as well as printer cartridges.

It happened after a firmware update. According to a statement from HP, the company is trying to “protect HP’s innovations and intellectual property”.

How does HP know that you’re using a third-party cartridge? There is a chip embedded in the cartridge that tells the printer software whether you’re using an original HP cartridge or a third-party cartridge.

The funny thing is, some users complained that even HP’s own cartridges failed to work after the firmware update.

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