In how many years will we have completely self-driven cars?

Self-driving autonomous car

Different car and technology companies have been frequently predicting in how many years we will have completely self-driven cars? If you’re wondering what self-driven cars are, see this video:

Elon Musk of Tesla Vehicles says that we should have a completely self-driving car in 2 years. Among various companies working to launch a self-driving car as early as possible, Tesla is the only company that has so far come up with a tentative timeframe in which it should be able to deliver such a car, according to the CEO Elon Musk.

In an interview to the Fortune magazine, he categorically said that in 2 years Tesla will be able to put on roads card that will be completely autonomous, self-driven.

Various companies, including Google, have demonstrated prototypes under controlled conditions but when it comes to driving a car in the real world, there are millions of combinations and decisions that need to be considered before you can deem a vehicle fit for taking people from one place to another. In the real world, a car needs to deal with winter, summer, rain, hail storm, dust, trees, dogs, cats, errant drivers, cyclists, red lights and green lights, left turns, right turns and u-turns, acceleration and break, people driving slow and people driving fast, brightness and darkness and even people trying to commit suicide by jumping in front of your car. When it comes to human lives, there is nothing like 99.99% – it has to be 100%. So this is the reason why it is taking such a long time to create software that will self-drive the cars just the way humans do. Even Google has predicted that it will be able to deliver a commercial-level self-driving automobile only by 2020.

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