In China, Uber isn’t just a taxi cab service, it is all-in-one


In China, the internationally famous Uber taxicab service is promoting itself as an all-in-one solution for transportation, food and entertainment. It has a totally new version of its app for China, primarily promoting two major categories: UberLIFE and Uber+Travel.

It seems, according to this TechCrunch update on Uber’s China presence, all-in-one seems to be the trend in the Chinese market. For example, in a messaging app called WeChat people can send messages, do voice and video calling, make payments, do shopping, play games and basically, do whatever that can be done in a mobile instant messaging app.

Data analytics play a big game in deciding how a particular app is used. Uber has discovered that even while travelling in a cab, people in China on an average spend 90 seconds more in the Uber app. Hence, Uber would like to give the Chinese people something more to do while they are travelling.

So, with UberLife passengers will be able to browse through a digital magazine to get updates on sports events, art events, plays and other happenings of interest in the localities they live in or pass through. In addition to travelling, the UberLife feature also intends to help people “live a better life” and ultimately, spend more time using the Uber app.

Uber+Travel, as the name suggests, wants to help people travel better by connecting with each other and availing services and information that can make their travelling experience better. For example, while you are travelling internationally, you can know where you can have exciting boat rides or even travel in air balloons. Even promo videos of various places you can visit will be available within the app.

This is actually a good concept and they shouldn’t just confine themselves to China. Without crowding the interface, it is better to provide multiple and related services within a single app.

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