Why I’m reading more books on my tablet rather than the Kindle Reader?


A couple of years ago I purchased my Kindle Paperwhite Reader with great enthusiasm. I could have read scores of books and in fact, the number of books I have read since then has been far more than the number of books I have ever read before purchasing Kindle Reader. But it’s not that it’s the Kindle Reader that is responsible for this increased surge in my book reading.

I was already reading a lot by the time I purchased my Kindle Reader, on my Android tablet. I had purchased Kindle format books from Amazon.com. I had purchased digital books from Google Play Store. I was using apps from these websites to read books on my Android tablet as well as my daughter’s iPad.

So it isn’t because of Kindle Reader that I’m reading more books (although I have read more books ever since I have purchased my Kindle Reader), it’s just that I have been reading more books since I purchased the Kindle Reader.

Why am I reading more books on my tablet (including Android tablet and iPad) than on the Kindle Reader?

Kindle Reader is great, but it hasn’t arrived yet. The sole benefit of having Kindle Reader is that you can read under the sun. You can sit by the side of the road and you can enjoy your book and I must confess, whenever I’m outside, I do read on my Kindle Reader.

But most of the time I’m indoors and when I’m indoors, I prefer to use one of my tablets to read my books. These days I’m using even my HTC Desire 816 to read.

Here are a few reasons why I prefer to read my books on my tablet rather than on Kindle Reader:

  1. It’s easier to take notes on a tablet: I’m so used to gliding my finger over the keyboard when typing. On Kindle Reader, one has to tap on individual keys and this takes forever. Since whenever I read a book these days, I tend to write a review, I take copious notes. Almost every 10 minutes I’m making a note and adding it to the book I’m reading. It’s much easier and convenient to add notes using a tablet or even using a smartphone.
  2. It’s easier to control the brightness of your tablet screen these days: Many people recommend Kindle Reader because there is no glare – it doesn’t strain your eyes reading your book on Kindle Reader as much as it strains your eyes reading your book on a tablet. This I accept. But with the right degree of brightness and background colour you can minimize this strain and in fact, font rendering is better on a tablet.
  3. The page turning and bookmarking in Kindle Reader is a bit sluggish: We have all gotten used to our devices working very smoothly. Unfortunately, Kindle Reader is a bit sluggish when it comes to moving from one page to the next and even while adding and removing bookmarks. It’s sluggish even when you look up words in the dictionary. On Android tablets and iPad these things happen effortlessly.
  4. Kindle Reader is black and white and the images and graphics are quite uninspiring: Have you ever looked at the images and graphics that are sometimes present in the book you’re reading on Kindle Reader? They look horrible, to say the least. On a tablet or on an iPad on the other hand, they are visible to you in all their glory. With only black and white display, Kindle Reader seems quite primitive.
  5. Kindle Readers seems very small: Although I can understand why they created Kindle Reader in the size of a pocketbook – so that it can be carried in a pocket – sometimes it feels very claustrophobic.

So what will make Kindle Reader my first choice?

The display needs to improve, definitely. I don’t know how the advanced versions – the latest Kindle Reader – feels these days, but my Kindle Paperwhite seems a bit sluggish and is quite uninspiring. Yes, for reading old classics, and for reading under a tree or by the roadside it is still the best choice, but not for long. Soon we are going to get tablets that will be able to show information even under the direct glare of the sun and I’m pretty sure once that happens, Kindle Reader will be left pretty much useless.

To complete with tablets, Kindle Reader should be slightly larger or at least there should be a version that is larger. We should definitely have coloured display (welcome to the 21st century!). The same keyboards that are available in Android and iOS should also be available on Kindle Reader. And no, we don’t need social networking while reading books.

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