If you get your Google Pixel smartphone from Verizon you may not get the latest Android version


Here is another quick update on the latest Google Pixel smartphone. Although Google Pixel has great many features and now, Google Pixel can also be made waterproof using a smartphone case, one of the biggest reasons why someone would buy Google Pixel is to get the latest version of the Android operating system as soon as possible. The biggest gripe among Android users is that they have to depend on the whims of their respective Android smartphone manufacturers about when they get the next Android update. For example, more than 90% of smartphones that run on the Android operating system are still running on a version that was released in 2013 – KitKat. Since the Google Pixel smartphone is from Google, many think that the company has complete control over its own smartphone. It may, or it may not. In the case of your Google Pixel smartphone immediately getting the latest version of Android, this might not be completely true.

Google has confirmed to 9To5Google that if you get your Google Pixel smartphone from Verizon it will depend on Verizon when your Android operating system gets updated, although the security updates that Google keeps on releasing will be immediately transferred onto your smartphone. This might be a bummer for many people who were really excited about getting Android updates in real time rather than depending on the manufacturer or the carrier. And to make the matters worse, Verizon is the only carrier through which you will be getting your Google Pixel smartphone.

If you are in India, you may not understand why Google is making the Google Pixel smartphones available through Verizon rather than selling the smartphones through retailers like Amazon.com and even through its own stores like Apple stores. In the US most of the people get their smartphones through carriers like AT&T and Verizon. The SIM card is already embedded. This makes it easier for people to get a good, even expensive smartphone easily because they can pay their carrier a small amount for the smartphone instrument every month instead of having to purchase the smartphone immediately.

Having said that, the above 9To5Google link indicates in the end that you can also directly purchase your Google Pixel smartphone directly from Google instead of getting it from Verizon.

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