If you break your AirPods can iFixIt fix them?


AirPods are the new earplugs that have just been introduced by Apple. As you may already know these are wireless earplugs that can connect to your iPhone via Bluetooth. There has been lots of hue and cry regarding Apple doing away with the 3.5mm headphone port and many people worry what will happen if they break their AirPods because these AirPods are very expensive – a pair can cost you around $160 (even more if you try to purchase them in India due to various duties and taxes).

This Android Authority post quotes an iFixIt video that first dismantles a piece of AirPods and then demonstrates how it is practically impossible to fix it. Here is the video:

On the repairability scale, AirPods received a 0.

So if you break your AirPods the only option left for you is spend another $160. Nokia is planning to release an Android smartphone that will cost $150, just in case.

This is a strange trap Apple has got its customers into. They cannot use their own 3.5mm jack headphones because the port no longer exists. The only way they can listen to music or audio is with AirPods. The AirPods cost $160. If they break them, they have to buy them again because no other earphones work with the latest iPhones.

This Wired post says that even if you don’t end up breaking your AirPods, since they use a lithium-ion battery and lithium-ion batteries can be used just for a few years and after that they need to be replaced, replacing them in itself is going to become a big problem. In the AirPods the batteries seem to be glued to the instruments so if you want new batteries, you practically have to get new AirPods.

Another problem that Wired link talks about is recycling. Before recycling all the components need to be separated and it is very difficult to take out batteries from these AirPods.


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