If you are an orangutan, the Tinder app can help you find a mate


The Tinder mating app… sorry, dating app, may soon be helping a female orangutan find the perfect male for herself for mating.

As you may already know, Tinder helps you find dating partners. Right now it is the world’s most famous dating app. If you’re looking for a date, you better be on Tinder.

But who says only humans need dates? Orangutans need dates. But orangutans are not looking for bells and whistles like courting and other expense-involving activities. They would like to use the dating app straight away to find the right mate.

For orangutans living in captivity, often it is difficult to find the right mate. The choice is limited unlike in wilderness where male orangutans may fight each other in order to get to mate with a female orangutan.

To solve this problem, the scientists at a Dutch zoo want to use the Tinder dating app to help a female orangutan called Samboja find the right mate. Samboja the female orangutan lives in the Apenheul Primate Park in Apeldoorn. The scientists will show her images of potential mates using a tablet app especially designed to serve tastes of orangutans. The app is rightly called “Tinder for Orangutans”.

Will Samboja be able to right swipe one of the profiles? It depends on whether they can find a tablet that is sturdy enough for the orangutan. So far, whichever tablet the primate has used, it has been smashed by her. Since she would be looking for a strong mate, she would rather find it through a stronger tablet. Once the scientists can arrange a study tablet that cannot be smashed, perhaps they will be able to use “Tinder for Orangutans” with her.

Further, they will need to create multiple profiles for male orangutans within the app.

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