If a thief tries to cut this bicycle lock he will puke


There is this new bicycle lock that will make the thief puke if he tries to cut it. This bicycle lock is aptly called SkunkLock. When someone tries to cut this lock, it releases chemicals that make people feel like throwing up. They begin to feel really sick.

There is a hidden pressurized chamber inside the lock. When the lock is cut one-third, the pressurized chamber is punctured and the cloud of chemicals is released into the air making the prospective thief sick. The burst of chemicals can also impair vision and make it difficult to breath. This Fast Company post explains how this bicycle lock works.

Daniel Idzkowski, who created the puke-inducing lock says, “We realized that there is no real solution on the market. As the locks get bigger and stronger, so do the tools that break them. So the only real solution we could think of was some sort of fundamental deterrent. The smell is hard to describe. The closest description to it is an extreme concentrated version of vomit. The initial reaction to the smell of vomit is vomiting.”

But is it legal to use such a lock? The concentration of chemicals being used is low enough to meet government regulations in the US as well as Europe – this is why they have created two versions of SkunkLock. It will be written on the lock that it is illegal to cut a lock and there will also be a warning that a chemical shall be released that would be very harmful. The outcome of the exposure to the chemical will be an effective deterrent but it won’t be powerful enough to cause permanent damage to someone.

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