I have started using OneDrive seriously and may ditch Google Drive altogether

Switching to OneDrive from Google Drive
Switching to OneDrive from Google Drive

I tried using OneDrive many months ago but came across many problems. One of them was that I couldn’t change the default location of the OneDrive folder on my PC and by doing so, everything got messed up and I ended up abandoning the idea of using OneDrive as my main cloud storage service, despite the fact that due to my Office 365 subscription, I’m getting 1 TB of free cloud storage space on OneDrive.

While doing some research for a TechBakBak.com blog post I came across a handy article that properly explains explains how one can change the default folder location for OneDrive. I followed the instructions and was able to change the default location to another partition.

I have been complaining for more than a few years that Dropbox and Google Drive are needlessly expensive especially when one needs to upgrade from a low-end package to the medium package. In Dropbox, it’s either free or you pay $8.95 per month for a 1 TB cloud storage space. I needed a package that would give me 300-400 MB but it wasn’t available with Dropbox so I stopped using it and started using Google Drive as my main cloud storage service.

The basic account of Google Drive is good and affordable – $1.98 per month for 100 GB. But then again, the next available package is $9.98 per month for 1 TB of cloud storage space. There is nothing in between.

With my ability to decide the default location for the OneDrive folder I’m fine with using it for my main cloud storage requirement. I don’t think I’m going to run out of 1 TB of space in near future. The OneDrive interface isn’t great. Dropbox provides the best interface. After that it is Google Drive, and OneDrive practically has no interface. The mobile app is good and just like Dropbox and Google Drive, you can automatically upload the photos you take from your mobile camera.

I still need to use Google Drive for Google Photos but for storing my other files I’m completely going to switch over to OneDrive – I have already transferred most of my data to the OneDrive folder.

In this blog post I have reviewed all the three cloud storage services that I have used so far: Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.

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  1. Well, let me tell you before it happens that you’ll regret that decision. Why?
    -Being Microsoft, the software lacks basic features (and will so forever) and probably won’t add new ones that work (no innovation).
    -If one day you get less space suddenly, don’t be surprised as this is the way Microsoft is.
    -Office is probably the best (and only) good product from Microsoft. Yes you can use it with Onedrive, but you can do the same on Google Drive and won’t get problems.
    So if you want just a place to backup files and so, you can use it, but if you want to use it as a cloud storage the way you do in Google Drive or Dropbox, just don’t waste your time (I already did) and don’t expect anything from it.
    I had a problem with Google Drive that deleted all the files of the account (luckily not important ones), so I decided to move to OneDrive but after 1 year of use I just got tired of it and Microsoft lack of responsability (let me tell you a story: there was a “feature” that just created new albums “for you” with your photos and without even asking… Yes, if you did’t want them you just had to delete them manually. Imagine checking out your phone for a while just to realize that OneDrive has sent you 7 notifications about the 7 new albulms it created… If you do a quick search you’ll find out that Microsoft has a uservoice website to let users tell their opinions. At the first page you can se that there is one opinion (with lots of votes) that asks Microsoft to remove that “feature”. But you know what? It’s been more than half a year that a Microsoft employee marked that opinion as “thinking about it” but still nothing…
    Just don’t use OneDrive

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