More human-like response from Google Now

More human-like response from Google Now
More human-like response from Google Now

Google Now is your Android-based personal assistant just like Siri on iOS and Cortana on Windows 10. All these personal assistance apps are trying to talk back to you in as human-like responses as possible. When we talk to these devices, sometimes they sound very “mechanical” or robotic and to some people it’s very off-putting. If apps like Google Now have to become a regular part of people’s lives, their response needs to be more human-like.

People have lots of fun talking to Google Now asking questions randomly and eliciting responses. The video given below gives you 15 demos of how the recent human-like response works:

A pair of technology reviewers, Nat and Leo put Google Now to various tests asking them silly questions (ok, not all the questions are silly) and getting responses in a voice that is quite human-like. An interesting thing that I observed is that Google Now was able to respond even when they were not talking very clearly, for example, Google Now was able to give a correct response even when one of the reviewers spoke to it with her mouth stuffed with marshmallows. Have a look at the video and then try out Google Now on your own phone and see how its new human-like response works for you.

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