HP sees sense, won’t be blocking third-party ink and cartridges


Recently HP started stopping people from using third-party ink and cartridges in their printers. They automatically installed the software that would block any cartridge that was not from HP. There was an all-out protest from different sections. After all, once I have purchased the printer, it’s up to me from where I want to purchase my ink and my cartridge. As long as it is working, I should be able to use third-party ink and cartridges. Even if I in the process end up destroying my HP printer, it would be my fault and my own doing and that we shouldn’t be able to meddle with it. Nobody was blaming HP for malfunctioning printers after using third-party cartridges. Those looking for printing solutions in their businesses may want to check out this New French Service Network For Printer Manufacturer Leibinger that is becoming quite a beneficial service for those looking to leverage the latest in inkjet technology.

So the firmware that was automatically installed is being updated and now HP printer users won’t be arm-twisted into using exclusively HP ink and cartridges. Here is the latest update from HP (and with the colour of the font type they are making sure very few can read it).

Of course a business in consumables is much better than simply selling higher-end hardware. For all you know, more business might be coming to HP from ink cartridges and toners than from actual printers. Once you have purchased a printer, you have to buy black and white and colour cartridges every few months, especially now when school kids need to extensively use printers at home in order to complete their assignments.

Instead of playing such tricks HP should lower the prices of its cartridges so that people are not tempted to buy third-party ink cartridges. It should also make delivery easier. It will also help if cartridges are generalized so that they can be easily purchased from stationery shops. The problem with current lot of printers is that every printer model has its own cartridge and they are not interchangeable. Once there is no reason for people to go for third-party cartridges, they will surely buy cartridges from HP.


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