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If it matters to you how your Gmail messages look, you would like to use custom fonts. Although there are various tutorials available on the web explaining how to use custom fonts with Gmail, most of the times the solutions don’t seem to work. So this tutorial is not going to teach you how to use custom fonts in Gmail, instead, it is going to teach you, how to use Google fonts in Gmail.

Why use Google Fonts in Gmail?

Well, you may ask, why read or for that matter, any other technology blog? Why use Twitter? Why use the Internet? What I mean to say is, we all have our own reasons of doing various things. I like my email messages to look good. But I also like using Gmail due to its minimalistic interface. I could have easily used an email client like Outlook and then used whatever font I felt like using but I insist on using the web interface for Gmail.

As mentioned above, there are many tutorials that teach you how to use custom fonts in Gmail but most of them are not working or are randomly working. This is why, it’s better to use the Gotham font family in Gmail because one, the solution actually works, and two, there is seemingly an unending selection of fonts in Google Fonts that you can use in Gmail.

Using Google Fonts in Gmail

Here are the steps you will need to use Google fonts in Gmail (in PC or laptop):

  1. Login to your Gmail account and go to Settings (that gear icon top-right)
  2. Click the Labs tab and make sure that “Canned Responses” is enabled. If you found it disabled, enable it and then at the bottom, click Save.
  3. Then click Compose so that you begin to create a new email message. You don’t need to enter an email ID or any subject. Just click on the body part of the email so that your cursor begins to blink there.
  4. Open another tab in the browser window and go to Google Fonts. Search for the font that you would like to use and use the slider to resize the font of the sample sentence being displayed. Then copy this sample sentence to the clipboard and come back to the Gmail composing window.
  5. Paste the text that you have just copied from Google Fonts in the body part of the Gmail message that you had just started composing. Click in the middle of the sentence somewhere and repeatedly hit the enter key (preferably 5-6 times).
  6. You can either leave the message as it is or delete the bottom portion of it.
  7. In the bottom-right corner of the New Message composing window you can see a drop-down arrow. Click it. There you will see a “Canned Responses” menu option. Click it.
  8. From there click “New canned response“. Give a nice name to your canned response.
  9. You can close the New Message window.
  10. Now whenever you need to create a Gmail message having the Google font that you want to use, simply create/compose a new Gmail message, click that down arrow icon at the bottom-right and then go to “Canned responses” and click on the response that you have created. This will insert the masses that you saved with the Gmail font. Start typing and you will be composing the message using a Google font.

These are the steps you need to take in order to use Google fonts in Gmail. Given below is the video that explains how to use Google fonts in Gmail:

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