How to turn your old iPhone into an iPod Touch


Are you upgrading your iPhone? Then you must be wondering what to do with your old iPhone especially if there is nothing wrong in it and it can be easily used.

You can easily turn your old iPhone into an iPod Touch. Although carrying multiple gadgets doesn’t make sense especially when you can access all your music on your iPhone, the purpose of turning an old iPhone into an iPod Touch would be, if another family member needs a music playing device and he or she doesn’t yet have a mobile phone you can turn your old iPhone into an iPod and give it to him or her: a kid or a younger sibling. He or she will be happy to get a new iPod to listen to music or simply do goofy stuff that they normally do with gadgets (although kids should be discouraged from using gadgets as much as possible).

The following steps can turn your old iPhone into an iPod Touch:

  • Get rid of the wear and tear: If the screen of your old iPhone is cracked (but the iPhone is working) then it’s better that you get the screen replaced before you hand over the phone to someone else. If you think there are some other repairs that should be done and they’re not going to cost you much, it is better that you get done with those repairs before going ahead with turning your old iPhone into an iPod Touch.
  • Reset your iPhone and erase all confidential information: If you are planning to use your iPhone as an iPod Touch for yourself, then there is no problem, but if you’re going to hand over the device to someone else, especially to a kid, then it’s important that you erase all your confidential information and the best way of doing this is by resetting your iPhone. Make sure you also go through the folders that the resetting may ignore. Take backup your photos and videos before resetting. Better would be if you have iTunes installed on your PC. Plug in your iPhone into your PC and use the iTunes interface to reset it.
  • Setup your iPhone as a new iPhone: Preferably with the name of the person who is going to use your iPhone as iPod Touch.
  • Create a new Apple ID: Using your PC, create a new Apple ID for the person (or the kid) who is going to use your iPhone as iPod Touch. Creating a unique Apple ID will allow the iPod Touch user to sync contents of the newly created iPod Touch to iCloud and avail all sorts of services provided by Apple to iPhone, iPad and iPod users. Then when the iPhone is resetting, use that Apple ID to log into the device.
  • Set up the Wi-Fi and make others necessary changes: You will need to set up Wi-Fi and make others safety changes especially when a kid is going to use the device.

Basically that’s itt. Set up Apple music and sync your iTunes account. If you have taken these steps, you have changed your iPhone into an iPod Touch. Basically every iPhone without the Sim card can be termed as an iPod Touch.

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