How to turn a terrorist into a coward using a Chrome extension

Turn a terrorist into a coward using this chrome extension

Calling a terrorist a coward on his or her face may turn out to be a fatal exercise but you can do it on the web using this new Chrome extension that replaces every occurrence of terrorist with coward. In the wake of the recent terrorist attack in Paris, this new Chrome browser extension has surfaced: whenever you see the word “terrorist” or “terrorism” it is replaced by “coward” or “cowardice”.

“Terrorists are cowards. That is what they should be called,” according to the description of the extension in the Chrome Web Store. You can also get the terrorist-to-coward turning extension from GitHub. Efforts are being made to make the Chrome extension available in other languages also because right now it’s available only in English. By the time of writing this, it was also being made available in Portuguese.

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