How to setup the new Apple and Android devices you are getting as Christmas presents

Setting up Apple and android devices

So it is that time of the year when gadgets as Christmas gifts might be pouring over your head. The favourite gifts these days are normally tablets, smartphones and sleek laptops from Apple, Samsung and many other companies. The beauty of using multiple devices is that they can be set up together to function as one single unit with the only difference that they can be used under various conditions and situations. For example, you would use a laptop at home while working on important projects. You might be using a tablet or an iPad at a place where, although you would like to consume content you might not be able to work on a project. Then, on your smartphone, you might be able to access the files involved with a particular project and communicate your ideas to your team but you might not be able to browse the files or even work on them in detail. Whatever you want to achieve, the key is, setting up your devices so that they are synced and work in coordination. The 2 links below help you set up your new Apple and Android devices.

To an advanced user these might look like basic tips but remember that millions of people are accessing these devices for the first time in their lives.

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