How to save your Vine videos with Giphy


As you read a couple of years ago that Twitter has shut down the Vine video hosting service. Millions of people have posted their videos on Vine and although most of the videos are 6-7 seconds long, some of them are almost masterpieces. Many people are wondering how to save their Vine videos so that they are not lost for good when the service is finally shut down. Right now, the videos are available but people cannot upload new videos. But the links are available temporarily and soon the entire website will be shut down and if that happens, the links will be no longer available. Although you can download your videos you would like them to remain online so that the others can experience your creativity bursts. Giphy can help you.

Giphy is a website where you can get GIFs. It’s a GIF search engine. It’s like the YouTube of GIF files. GIFs are image files but they are animated. Using a service like Giphy you can convert small videos into GIF files. Since a GIF file is an image file, you don’t have to embed any player to use the file on your website or blog. You can use a GIF file simply as you use any image file. People have been using Giphy to convert small portions of videos even from YouTube. Now you can save your Vine videos with Giphy by converting your videos into GIF files.

In this Medium blog post the creators of Giphy have explained how you can use the Giphy tool to convert your Vine video loops into GIF files so that your magical video loops remain online for ever for everybody to see and enjoy. The creators of Giphy have created a very simple tool. All you need is a Giphy account – a great opportunity to get new users from Vine – and once you have created your Giphy account, you can use the converter to import all your Vine videos into your Giphy account.

But what about the sound of your videos? GIF files don’t have sounds. Although the Giphy conversion tool will help you save your Vine videos by converting them into GIF files, your original Vine videos will also be saved. So if you want to save your Vine videos, this is a good time to head to Giphy and import all your Vine videos into your Giphy account.

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