How to download Netflix video shows on your smartphone or tablet


The benefit of downloading Netflix video shows on your smartphone or tablet is that you can enjoy your favourite movies and TV shows even when there is no Internet connection. Although nowadays Internet connection is abundantly available, accessing Netflix on your smartphone or tablet, using mobile data, can still be expensive. You may also not be able to get an Internet connection on board an aeroplane or in the middle of the sea or ocean or when you are marooned on an island (although you wouldn’t like to waste your phone battery in that situation unless you have a solar charger).

This is why, Netflix subscribers have been demanding for the ability to download video shows on smartphones and tablets for a long time. Netflix has finally given in. Once you have downloaded your favourite video show, no streaming is required.

In order to be able to download Netflix videos on your smartphone or tablet, first of all you will need to update your Netflix app both on Android and iOS. Android should be 4.4 or above and iOS should be 8.0 or above for this new feature to work.

Different shows are gradually being made available to download, according to this Netflix blog post. Not every show can be downloaded yet. For example, the blog post mentions that right now the following shows can be downloaded: Orange is The New Black, Narcos and The Crown.

Understandably, downloading Netflix video shows doesn’t mean the movies and TV programs are downloaded as files and you can later on watch these files anywhere (the way you used to do with torrent files). The shows will be downloaded within the Netflix app and you will be able to play them within the app, not outside of it. It’s like YouTube. YouTube allows you to download videos so that later on you can watch them without an Internet connection. The same is the case with Netflix. You will be using the same interface but without an Internet connection.

But how do you download the Netflix video shows? As soon as a particular video show is available for download, download icon will be visible along with a description of the show. Just tap on the icon and you will be able to download and save the show on your smartphone or tablet.

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