How to clean up unwanted Live Photos on iPhone 6

iPhone Lean App

Live Photos is a new photo feature introduced in the latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. With Live Photos you can create GIF-like animations by shooting static images. It is like running the camera roll. But the drawback is, in order to create GIF-like animations you may have to shoot scores of photographs and even hundreds of photographs sometimes. This will create a nice animation but it will also create lots of unwanted photos on your iPhone 6 hard drive.

The Live Photos feature is turned on by default. When you launch the camera app, you can create a GIF in your Camera Roll section. But a photograph shot for this feature takes up twice as much space as taken by a normal 12 megapixel photo. To compound the problem, most of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus pieces come with a small 16 GB space. You’re going to fill up the space quite fast if you get into the habit of creating GIF animations on your iPhone. Although creating animations out of your photos is quite cool, you no longer need the photographs that were taken in order to create the animation.

How do you remove these photos after you have created the GIF animation?

The iOS Lean app can help you remove these unwanted Life Photos images. Once you have given Lean the permission to access your photographs, you are presented with a filtered view of your photo library showing only Light Photos images on your device. You can hit the Clean Up button in order to delete the Live Photo images.

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