How to change the filename extension using Windows Explorer in Windows 10


No, if you think you can change the filename extension by simply renaming the file, it doesn’t work that way. Today, by mistake, when working on an image, instead of saving it as a .jpg file, I saved it as a .com file. When I tried to use the file as an image file, obviously I couldn’t do that because for Windows it was not an image file, it was an application file.

I tried renaming the file by inserting .jpg in the end, but it didn’t work. It just renamed the file from to I wanted to remove .com and replace it with .jpg, but it wouldn’t work. I discovered that if you want to change the filename extension simply by trying to rename the file in Windows Explorer in Windows 10, it doesn’t work. I had to do some research.

In the usual settings, when you go to the Windows Explorer or the File Explorer, you just see the file name and not the extension, especially if it is one of the common file names (for example, I can see .php files but not .com or .jpg or .gif extensions).

There is a basic Windows 10 setting that you need to change in order to be able to change the filename extension through the Windows Explorer. Here is how you do it

  1. Click the Windows start button and search for Control Panel
    changing filename extension using Windows Explorer – fine control panel
  2. From Control Panel, go to “File Explorer Options”
    changing filename extension using Windows Explorer – file Explorer options
  3. In the pop-up window, first go to the View tab and then uncheck the “Hide extensions for known file types” checkbox if it is checked
    changing filename extension using Windows Explorer – hide extensions checkbox
  4. Click Apply
  5. Open File Explorer/Windows Explorer and now you will be able to see the extensions of the files
  6. Right-click the file name that you would like to change the extension of
  7. In the Context menu, click Rename

That’s it. Now you can change the filename extension.

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