How social networking websites are trying to restrict Islamic terrorist organisations propaganda

Islamic state online campaign

We live in a highly connected world and various Islamic terrorist organisations are making full use of this connectivity. They are constantly using Facebook, Google and Twitter to run their recruitment propagandas and influence impressionable minds. After the recent Paris attacks it was discovered that the Islamic State cyber cell was extensively using the messaging app Telegram to coordinate its operations. The developers of Telegram shut down the various Islamic state accounts in the wake of the discovery. The Anonymous Hackers group has taken its own initiative to shut down websites and social media and social networking accounts of the terror group.

The Islamic State even has its own updates application called “Fajr al-Bashaer” that constantly sends news and updates on ISIS fighting in Syria and Iraq and this application can be easily downloaded from Twitter and Google Play.

Major Internet websites such as Google, Facebook and Twitter are stepping up their efforts to stop Islamic terrorist organisations from spreading their hate filled propaganda using these websites, according to this Business Insider report.

Websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google already have pre-defined policies that control what sort of content passes through them. But most of this control depends on the users reporting or flagging the content. For example, if you come across an offending post on Facebook, you can report the matter to the company, they will review the post and if they find it offensive, they will remove it. Sometimes it take their own initiative. For example, after the San Bernardino shooting Tashfeen Malik’s Facebook account was shut down by the company – she is one of the main shooters in the mass shooting in which 14 people were killed.

Various European countries, especially France, have been in extensive talks with major Internet companies on how to intercept communications of Islamic terror groups using online communication services by making full efforts to thwart terror propaganda from propagating itself.

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