How Secure Is Your Smartphone? Here Are Must-Follow Tips!


The smartphone has become a most important part of our lives these days. Whether we are talking about a kid, a teenager, a common person or a business person, a smartphone is always on the top of our priorities. If you think of our lives without smartphones, then you realize how much dependent we are on smart technology. But, do we actually take care of our smartphones as much as we should? It is quite common that we neglect the security when it comes to protecting our contacts, call logs, messages and emails, etc. These are a few things that need to be confidential and therefore it is always necessary that you take care of your smartphone data protection needs.

The best way to protect your data is to establish a backup plan and make the gadgets secure or simply use the security features of your smartphones. The easiest thing that you can do in this matter is to ensure that you never lose your data and therefore you can take back-up of your data from a pen drive. But, you need to purchase the best drive so that you can trust the durability of the pen drive without any doubt. For example, PTron Idrive High Speed 16GB 3 in 1 OTG Pen Drive Lightning Micro USB For iOS.

Must-follow smartphone security tips using existing smartphone features

  • Password Or Pin Protection: It is estimated that almost 33% of smartphone customers use the feature of lock screen highlight on their smartphones. Indeed, this is unsafe because it gives snoopers complete access to your smartphone. You have to set the lock screen with password or pin so that before you get access to the smartphone, you would need to enter a secret pin. Additionally, always remember to set your device to lock screen when it remains inactive for a long time. If you leave your gadget unattended and opened, somebody could undoubtedly access everything on the device, but use of this feature will prevent the unauthorized access and use of your smartphone.
  • Use Of Remote Wiping And Location: The best thing about smartphones is that they are versatile. The problem with this technology is that somebody can easily stroll off with your smartphone within a second, which will clearly put your data in danger. Although, smartphone burglary has gone down hugely due to off buttons that make it harder to wipe and exchange a smartphone. However, if you lose your smartphone, remote wiping and location tracking applications can allow you to know where the smartphone is and you can even remove your essential data remotely from your device. Read Apple is trying to make it easier to find your stolen iPhone.
  • Smartphone Rooting: One of the most popular smartphone practices is smartphone rooting. This modifies the root filesystem and allows you to get access to the read-only documents. One of the most noteworthy upside of using rooting is    the capacity to change the boot screen, run particular applications and take the back-up of the entire system.

Other must-follow smartphone security tips

  • Use Of Trusted And Authorized Applications: When you have a smartphone, then it is quite common that you will need to download other apps as well. Other apps will allow you to increase the smartphone functionality, but you need to be careful of which apps you use. You should only use trusted and authorized applications.
  • Use Public Wi-Fi Networks Very Carefully: Public Wi-Fi network is quite popular because it allows you to get access to the internet everywhere you go. Whenever possible, try to be cautious when you are using the public Wi-Fi networks because they can bring malware and harmful viruses to your device.
  • Keep Operating System And Apps Always Updated: Always update your operating system and installed applications so that you can get the maximum level of security updates on your device.
  • No More Tracking Of Your Device From Third Party Sources: It is quite common that sources like advertisements and websites ask for location tracking, but make sure that you skip the location tracking authorization to unknown sources.
  • Use Security Software Or Antivirus: You can use the reputed and effective online security software of antivirus to give your smartphone a perfect protection.

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