How much on an average do we use our smartphones everyday?

How much do we use smartphones

A recent study has revealed some pretty shocking details about how much on an average we use our smartphones – five hours every day. The new study suggests that we check our smartphones 85 times a day. The study also compared the actual time spent using smartphones compared with what people thought they used. They used their smartphones twice as often as they thought.

According to Dr David Ellis, a psychologist at Lancaster University in UK, “Psychologists typically rely on self-report data when quantifying mobile phone usage in studies, but our work suggests that estimated smartphone use should be interpreted with caution.”

During the study the researchers observed 23 participants aged between 18 and 33. An app was also installed on their smartphones to record the actual usage over a period of two weeks. Using a smartphone included activities like phone calls, playing music, checking message notifications, checking time and schedule and interacting on social networking websites. Having a smartphone works in a lot of people’s favour, especially if they are lead a busy lifestyle. You can do pretty much anything on your phone. From handling your bills and credit cards, using apps like Stash to Invest your money, to even creating presentations, a smartphone is a device that will continue to be around for a long time.

“Participants used their phones a mean of 84.68 times each day and spent 5.05 hours on an average everyday using their smartphone. Length of use was, unsurprisingly, highly skewed, with 55% of all users less then 30 seconds in duration,” researchers said.

The study was published in the journal PLOS ONE.

But is a sample size of 23 participants an accurate indication of how much on an average we use of smartphones everyday? It depends how you look at it. If people are chosen randomly from a wide selection it might give a good indication. Besides, considering the fact that smartphones are no longer used just to make phone calls or check random text messages. An entire ecosystem of utilities exists in one’s smartphone. It is a complete media and communication channel. Every social network is available on your smartphone these days. Every music and video streaming service is available on your smartphone. No service is taken seriously unless it is available on your smartphone.

Not just entertainment and communication, smartphones these days are also used as a business management tool. You can do accounting on your smartphone. You can do shopping. You can manage customer relationships. You can carry out marketing campaigns. You can record videos, record audio and take photographs with your smartphone. For that matter you can use your smartphone even as a torchlight. This might be the reason why we find ourselves using our smartphones so much.

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