How many users does Facebook Messenger have right now?

how many users does Facebook Messenger have right now in 2016 – 1 billion users
how many users does Facebook Messenger have right now in 2016 – 1 billion users

Wondering how many users Facebook Messenger has right now, as in July 2016? It’s 1 billion users, according to this Facebook newsroom update.

Facebook Messenger has reached the 1-billion-users mark after two years of its launch as a standalone application. Facebook itself reached 1 billion users in 2012. Surprisingly, many Facebook users still don’t know that they can use Facebook Messenger without having installed Facebook on their mobile phones and tablets, but that’s because many of these users have not yet used Facebook Messenger on their mobile phones.

The launch of Facebook Messenger as a standalone application was a big part of Facebook’s primary focus being on the mobile environment rather than computers and laptops. In fact, if you want to use Facebook Messenger on your mobile phone and you already have Facebook installed, you still have to download the standalone Facebook Messenger app. This is to drive in the point that Facebook Messenger is not just an add-on, it’s a full-fledged mobile application.

Facebook Messenger isn’t just your typical instant messaging app; Facebook is trying to develop it into a complete ecosystem in which people don’t have to leave the app and can achieve practically everything within the messenger, even your regular to-do lists.

But the main focus is going to be making it a hub of practically every activity that you carry out on your mobile phone. You can already make phone calls and send messages. No matter how many users Facebook Messenger has, unless it is commercially viable, it is simply waste of resources. Soon you will be able to run mobile apps and do shopping on Facebook Messenger. Many companies are already building chatbots for Facebook Messenger, for example, you can place an order with Pizza Hut from within your Facebook Messenger app.

1 billion users is a very big number especially considering the fact that it has been just two years. The number of Facebook Messenger users is going to increase a lot more. Obviously simply allowing people to send each other messages isn’t of much use at least in terms of making money. But with so many people using the app, the sky is the limit when it comes to coming up with money-making ideas.

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