How does Google Pixel have the best smartphone camera in the world?


Main points:

  • Google touts the Google Pixel smartphone camera the best smartphone camera ever
  • This is because the 89 rating that it has got from DxOMarks which is the highest among smartphone cameras at the moment

Ever since the launch of its new smartphone, Google has been claiming that Google Pixel has the best smartphone camera ever. How does Google Pixel have the best smartphone camera in the world?

At the foundation of this claim is its 89 score that the Google Pixel smartphone camera has received from DXOMark which is so far the highest rating. It almost brings the quality of the photographs as good as a dedicated compact camera in terms of sharpness, colour accuracy and the ability to click photographs in darker environments. What makes the camera good even for low light photography? The Google Pixel smartphone camera has large sensors despite having comparatively smaller megapixel count. The fast sensors can yield 1.55-micron pixel size and this is what enables the Google Pixel smartphone camera to take good photographs even in low light.

Another thing that makes the Google Pixel smartphone camera perhaps the best in the world is that it has the shortest capture time of any smartphone camera ever tested. It practically has no shutter lag when you’re taking photographs even of highly active objects or subjects such as a waterfall, the bee buzzing over a flower or a kid playing football in the park. The HDR function is always on. Once the images have been captured, the Google Pixel smartphone can process them twice as fast as the fastest smartphone in the market and a big contribution also comes from the faster Snapdragon 821 chip and 4 GB RAM.

Here are some photographs clicked from the Google Pixel smartphone camera.


In the recent Google event in which Google Pixel was launched, the product VP Brian Rakowski termed the Google Pixel camera as “the best smartphone camera anyone has ever made”.

This Android Review of the Google Pixel smartphone camera  takes shots  with different cameras, including  the Google Pixel smartphone camera and then arranges them side by side so you can see the difference yourself. Even this review in the end sort of establishes that the Google Pixel smartphone camera might be the best smartphone camera available among the contemporary smartphone cameras.

These are the reasons why various reviewers are agreeing on the fact that the Google Pixel smartphone camera might be so far the best smartphone camera in the world:

  • Very good photographs in low-light conditions
  • Very detailed capturing even minutest details
  • Captures natural colours with great efficiency
  • Takes images very fast with great shutter speed so there are no blurry images when you try to photograph moving subjects
  • Video stabilization stabilizes your video even when you capture with a shaky hand or while in a moving vehicle
  • Final photographs are as good as a dedicated, standalone camera of the same quality
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