Hoverboards are setting homes on fire

Hoverboards are setting homes on fire

It seems, hoverbaords, the latest craze in Australia, America and elsewhere, are setting homes on fire. Already states like California have enacted road safety restrictions when people are riding hoverboards, but in these incidents the gadgets are setting homes on fire even when charging.

The first of such incidents was reported in Melbourne Australia when a family lost its entire home when they had left the malfunctioning hoverboard to charge, just within 10 minutes. The hoverboard was plugged into a wall and left to charge itself in a bedroom when it suddenly ignited. The family had gifted 3 of its 4 daughters individual hoverboards. If these are setting homes on fire then there might be a major security concern despite the fact that in many countries these hoverboards are considered safety-compliant or at least that was the case when the Australian home was set on fire by a recharging hoverboard.

According to this Mashable report another house in Van Nuys, California, was gutted by the same gadget. It simply erupted while it was charging.

It isn’t yet sure whether every hoverboard being purchased is a potential safety threat because in that way, there are even phones that are setting homes on fire. Many incidents have been recorded where fires have been started by a smartphone.

Despite the popularity many online retail stores are refraining from selling hoverboards because of their tendency to catch fire when charging, according to this report. Many online retail stores like Amazon have pulled the toys off their inventory because of the complains that they are setting homes on fire, at least posing a grave risk. Many distributors have requested their manufacturers to ensure complete security before shipping the new consignments. Currently, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is investigating at least 11 reports of fire probably caused by hoverboards in 10 states during the previous year.

In another incident of a hoverbaord setting a home on fire in Chappaqua, New York, according to the website of the fire department, most probably it was an electrical malfunction caused by a Swagway Smart Balancing Electric Skateboard.

The news that hoverboards are setting homes on fire is spreading all over the world like wildfire. Even the London Fire Brigade has warned its citizens not to leave the self-balancing scooters charging unattended as they may catch fire. Two incidents of such devices setting homes on fire have already occurred in London, although not all such devices were necessarily hoverboards. One of such devices was a uni-cycle that was left charging in a flat in South London. The blaze was discovered after hearing a loud bang.

Whether many hoverboards are setting homes on fire or whether you should have second thoughts before you purchase one for yourself or your loved ones depends on many factors. Just like with every piece of technology, you need to be careful when going for new gadgets and this is true for every sort of gadget that becomes mainstream. Maybe more testing is needed.

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