Now you can get a home telephone connection from Google

Google Fiber customers are getting a home telephone connection from Google
Google Fiber customers are getting a home telephone connection from Google

Google Fiber provides an Internet service that is extremely fast. Its customers can enjoy 1 Gb per second and 100 Mb per second and free plans of 5 Mb per second in many US states. Now it’s Google Fiber customers can also get a home telephone connection from Google. The home telephone service is called Google Fiber Phone which closely resembles one of its products, Google Voice.

Under Google Fiber’s Trusted Tester program the company is giving a few members a chance to get the product earlier than anybody else. The new telephone service will automatically inherit some of the features of Google Voice.

An Internet service provider providing a telephone connection isn’t something new. Almost every Internet company in India that gives a broadband connection also provides a landline number. There are a few Internet connection providers that don’t provide the connection unless you also get a telephone connection. Bharti Airtel, for example provides an Internet connection, a telephone connection and a cable TV connection in a single package. Google is doing something same, now that it has a vast network of fiber cable. Personally I never recommend getting all these three services from a single company because if something goes wrong with the company, all your services go.

Once someone contacts Google Fiber, the company visits the location and either installs a new connection or assigns a new number to an existing connection, according to this Washington Post link.

Google Fiber is sending invites to its customers to get the home telephone connection.

Once it has implemented this home telephone connection project, Google’s primary aim is to start providing Project Fi, a cellular service something like a mix of Sprint, T-Mobile and Wi-Fi.

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