How to hide unwanted apps and bloatware from the LG G5 Home Screen

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Hide unwanted and bloatware apps from the LG G5 Home Screen

The LG G5 is one of the latest smartphones from LG and this is the only smartphone in the Android category that comes with a fingerprint scanner. But a big problem with the smartphone is that the Home Screen is full of unwanted apps and bloatware. A bigger problem is you cannot uninstall them unless you are able to root your phone. The only option you have got is, hide them. If you are like me, you want your Home Screen squeaky clean so you would like to hide all your unwanted apps and bloatware.

There are two ways you can hide unwanted apps and bloatware on your LG G5:

  1. Create a folder on your LG G5 Home Screen, drag all the unwanted apps into it, and then move the folder to another screen. As you know you can always add multiple screens on most of the Android smartphones these days. Even if there isn’t a second or third screen, you can easily create it.
  2. The second method is more straightforward. Just go to Settings, then Display and from there, Home Screen. In this section you have the option Hide Apps. There is a list of apps that you can hide or unhide. That’s it. Select all the unwanted apps and bloatware that you would like to hide from the Home Screen on your LG G5 smartphone.

This has become a recurring problem with the new coming smartphones. They are full of unwanted apps and bloatware. Thankfully, these days they also give an easier option to hide these apps in case you don’t need them.

Can you remove unwanted apps or bloatware from LG G5 smartphone?

There are actually some tools available that allow you to remove unwanted apps and bloatware from not just the LG G5 smartphone but from any Android variant but as I have mentioned above, for that you require root access to your smartphone.

This is a weird thing that smartphone companies do in the name of protecting the basic structure of the device you’re using. I mean, why shouldn’t we be able to remove the unwanted apps installed by the smartphone company?

Even the company-installed apps should be allowed to be removed. Hopefully in the future we will have some mechanism that will allow us to remove unwanted apps or bloatware from our smartphones.

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