A heated blanket that also charges your phone


This is slightly old news but it’s quite an interesting idea: a heated blanket that also charges your phone.

When you are out there in the wilderness and it is biting cold there are 2 things that can make a big difference to what sort of experience you enjoy: the warmth that you can get when it is needed, and the connectivity that you enjoy if and when required. Both these needs can be met with a heated blanket. It provides instant warmth to your body and it also charges your phone. Whilst a heated blanket doesn’t quite have the charm of a personalisierte decke (personalized blanket in English!), they can certainly come in handy.

The Rumpl Puffe portable heated blanket is a KickStarter project that started back somewhere in November and this was the time when websites were writing about it. I came across a video today and found it interesting enough to write about it. What I find interesting in this heated blanket is that it can be charged to generate warmth and its charge can also be used to charge your mobile phone.

Electric heated blanket isn’t exactly a new concept and if you want to learn more about them, check out this guide for more on electric blankets. We have had heated blankets since childhood. But the problem with conventional heated blankets is that you need a power source to use them. They’re not rechargeable. You cannot carry them with you and make use of their warmth outdoors. On top of that, you can certainly not use them to charge your mobile phone. This one is a “portable battery-powered heated blanket” which means you can carry it around and use it as it is. On top of that, it also charges your mobile phone. According to the product description on the KickStarter page, it can warm you in seconds. It is water resistant, machine washable and extremely lightweight. You can sleep over it and you can sleep under it.

Too warm or too cold? The heated blanket comes with temperature control so that you can control the warmth of the blanket according to your preference. The temperature can be improved up to 30°. It also has a flashlight to boot. The heated blanket can be charged fully in 90 minutes. In one charge it can keep you warm for 10 hours on low heat setting, 6 hours on medium heat setting and 4 hours on high heat setting. In one charge, it charges your mobile phone 4 times, although it isn’t clear whether it charges your mobile phone at the cost of the time for which it can keep you warm. Obviously it must be using up the battery power while charging your mobile phone.

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