Have you always wanted to learn High Valyrian? Learn it on Duolingo

High Valyrian language course on Duolingo
High Valyrian language course on Duolingo

Duolingo, it seems, takes teaching languages seriously. If there is a language in the world, you should be able to learn it on Duolingo. So what if the language is Valyrian, a fictional language spoken by the people of a region in the popular TV series The Game of Thrones?

Duolingo, as you may know, these days is the number 1 go-to app and website whenever you want to learn a new language. It has a very friendly interface and a way of teaching a language.

If you are reading this post before July 16, 2017, then you may feel a bit disheartened, as they scheduled the availability of the High Valyrian language on Duolingo. The two well known languages in The Game of Thrones, namely High Valyrian and Dothraki, have a great fan following, and ultimately, both these languages will be available on Duolingo. If you’re after learning something that’s a little more useful in the real world then you could consider taking German courses in London that’ll take you from a novice to a near-native speaker over a series of expertly-crafted lessons.

The official update says the High Valyrian Duolingo course is in the “incubator” and it should be available to you by July 16.

Both the fictional languages of The Game of Thrones have been developed by David J. Peterson, a UC Berkeley alumnus. Duolingo has taken help from Peterson in developing the language course for High Valyrian. Soon you’ll be able to have a fluent conversation in High Valyrian with Daenerys.

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