Hackers are threatening to wipe data off 627 million iPhones unless Apple pays a ransom


If I’m not mistaken, in India it is called “firauti”. The hacking group called the Turkish Crime Family reportedly has access to 300 million iPhones (627 million, according to the latest updates) and it is threatening to wipe data off all these accounts unless Apple pays a ransom.

Just to make sure that the message gets across, the hacking group sent video shots to Motherboard to demonstrate that the data on an iPhone can actually be deleted remotely by the hackers. They have also provided the screenshots of the exchanges the hackers have had so far with the Apple security team. In one of the messages, Apple seems to be saying that the company does not reward cyber criminals for breaking the law. The text might not be accurate, but this is how it goes:

We firstly kindly request you to remove the video that you have uploaded on your YouTube channel as it’s seeking unwanted attention, second of all we would like you to know that we do not reward cyber criminals for breaking the law,” a message allegedly from a member of Apple’s security team reads. (Motherboard only saw a screenshot of this message, and not the original). The alleged Apple team member then says archived communications with the hacker will be sent to the authorities.

300 million accounts is a big number. 627 million is even bigger.

According to this Motherboard report Apple has politely refused to pay the ransom and it has also forwarded the threatening text to the authorities.

They demonstrated with the iPhone account of an elderly lady. The hackers were able to access her iCloud data and they also had the permission to delete everything on the iPhone. They have demanded that Apple pay the ransom early in April, 2017.

Apple can pay the amount of either $75,000 in cryptocurrency or $100,000 worth of iTunes gift cards by April 7. Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency or virtual currency that is based on a network of computers. Its decentralized structure allows users to create an Exchange Vergleich (exchange comparison) to ensure that they can get the best out of their investment, as well as being able to exist outside the control of governments and authorities. This means that the transaction can take place at a much quicker rate, so some people would say that this is the better option. So, it looks like someone will be responsible for buy bitcoin for Apple! If Apple fails to give the ransom, they will reset the devices remotely.

To make matters worse, this CSOOnline update says that another hacking group has joined hands with the Turkish Crime Family and collectively now they have access to 627 million accounts that they can reset.

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