Hackers are threatening to leak 200,000 Snapchat photos

Snapchat photos leaked
Snapchat photos leaked

Just a few weeks ago the nude photographs of various celebrities were hacked and leaked from their iCloud accounts (most of them were oblivious to the fact that their private photographs were being uploaded to the cloud) and now a group of hackers have threatened to leak as many as 200,000 stolen photos from the picture messaging app Snapchat. In fact according to this The Telegraph link the photographs from Snapchat have already been released on the 4Chan Forum.

By the way the app works, it is not supposed to save the images; once you have sent the image to someone else the app deletes the photograph permanently. The hackers have been using third-party applications for years to collect such images before they are deleted. Whereas the iCloud celebrity photo leaking crisis mostly involved Hollywood celebrities and musicians, the problem with the Snapchat leaks is that most of the users might be underage because 50% of the Snapchat users are between 13 and 17.

According to the statement from Snapchat the app itself hasn’t been compromised and its servers have never been hacked. The photo sharing company has put the blame on the people’s use of third-party apps. Here is the official tweet to the same tune:

Whether sensitive information like private photographs are hacked from the main app server or from third-party apps that is not the issue, the issue is hackers and other prying eyes are able to get hold of such photographs and there is never going to be a foolproof security against that. I still fail to realise what is this obsession with clicking nude photographs.

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