So there is a gun that looks like an iPhone and it should better be banned

A gun that looks like an iPhone
A gun that looks like an iPhone

As long as it shoots bullets, does it even matter how a gun looks? Anyway, the point is, there is a gun that looks like an iPhone and an American senator wants this gun banned for its looks. According to this Cult of Mac report, the New York senator Charles Schumer wants to ban the gun that looks like an iPhone but is actually a .380-caliber weapon. He calls it a “disaster waiting to happen”.

The company called Ideal Conceal that has produced this $395 gun mentions in its promotional literature, “Smart phones are EVERYWHERE, so your new pistol will easily blend in with today’s environment.

The .380-caliber iPhone-looking gun has the following features:

  • Lightweight one-piece frame
  • Simple design and trouble-free operation
  • High velocity, increase accuracy
  • Hammerless construction for maximum safety
  • List Price $395

The link above rightly suggests that remember to take out the correct iPhone before taking a selfie.

Interestingly, while doing some research on the topic, I observed that most of the publications are talking about Schumer’s opinion on the gun that dangerously looks like an iPhone, nobody actually talks about whether this is a right idea or not. It’s like, it’s Schumer’s personal concern to worry about a gun that can be disguised as a popular smartphone.

The gun looks like an iPhone when it is folded. When you strategically unfold it, it turns into a bullet-shooting gun.

The CEO of Ideal Conceal, Kirk Kjelberg begs to differ. He says that there are already many guns that are much smaller, that can be disguised and that can be easily concealed, with more firepower. There are gun holsters available that can resemble practically every part of your body. He says, “The idea that this is going to cause some new big threat is just not true.”

Personally I think a gun that looks like any popular smartphone can be a dangerous thing to carry not for the person and his or her near and dear ones, but also for general public. This should be strongly discouraged – the tendency to create guns that look like other non-gun objects. Just imagine, a paranoid police officer may shoot someone for just taking out an iPhone from his or her pocket. There is no use regretting after someone is dead. Such ideas should be nipped in the bud. Even if Kirk says that there are already many gun holsters that help you conceal the guns, it doesn’t justify creating a whole new gun looking like an iPhone, especially when there are many states that already have concealed carry laws. You can even read about the concealed carry pa laws here.

Here is a CBS video on the gun that looks like an iPhone:

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