There are guidelines to follow if you want to fly drones in India

Guidelines in India for flying drones
Guidelines in India for flying drones

With an increasing number of individuals and businesses planning to fly drones in India, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has issued guidelines for flying drones in India.

Once these guidelines become official, you will need a permit to fly a drone in India and you will also need to acquire a unique identification number for your flying machine. It will no longer be like purchasing a drone from eBay or another online retailer and then enjoying harassing the neighbourhood.

According to the circular issued by the DGCA, “Civilian use of UAS (unmanned aircraft system) includes damage assessment of property and life in areas affected with natural calamities, surveys; critical infrastructure monitoring, among others… UA (unmanned aircraft) operations present problems to the regulator in terms of ensuring safety of other users of airspace and persons on the ground. This circular lays down guidelines for obtaining UIN and operation of civil UAS… DGCA will register all civil unmanned aircraft and issue a UA operator permit (UAOP) on case to case basis.”

Although the use of drones has many benefits such as surveillance in the areas where it is very difficult to send individuals. Drones are being effectively used by the forest departments in various states to monitor the movements of poachers. Recently drones were used in riot-hit areas for surveillance purposes.

But recently, the global airlines body IATA director-general and Chief Executive Officer Tony Tyler remarked, “Development of drones is very exciting in many ways, new forms of innovation and that has a lot going for it. But clearly drone operations must be made to operate in a safe manner, that’s very important. It’s important that the right regulations are drawn up to control the use of those drones.”

Although such a mishap hasn’t so far happened in India, recently a drone hit a plane at the Heathrow airport. There have been other instances of drones posing risks to planes landing and taking off near the airports in USA and UK despite stricter regulations being issued in these countries regarding where and how people can fly their drones.

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