GPS bracelet to keep kids safe

GPS bracelet to keep your kids safe
GPS bracelet to keep your kids safe

The worst nightmare for any parent is not being able to track where your kid is and not knowing whether he or she is safe or not. Fortunately, technology is there to help you. One of such technologies is the kidsport GPS band designed and developed by a father who actually lost a kid and was fortunate enough to get the kid back but this gave him an idea about a wearable gadget that gives you the coordinates of the position of your kid with a margin of 10 feet here and there.

Using an app on their smartphone (app available both for Android and iOS) parents can pinpoint exactly where their child is and the good thing is, the technology can work anywhere in the world.

It’s tamper-resistant device which means the moment it is cut off or removed from the body of your child you will get a notification. The device has a button to send you a text message in case the child needs your help. You can create a digital “geo-fence” beyond which your child is not supposed to stray. For instance, if you have geo-fence around your house including your backyard, the moment your child goes out of the backyard, you will be notified. The bracelet records location history every five minutes. You can also track where your child has been for the past three hours. The battery can run for 24 hours and you will get a text message if it is running on low battery. The GPS bracelet to keep your kids safe is going to be available by October in various stores.

The response has been so great that the company has also developed the Gabriel GPS for autistic persons and people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease who have a tendency to wander off.

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