The US government will be able to monitor your online activities even if you’re using the Tor browser or a VPN service

The Indian government can hack into your iPhone

Do you think you’re safe from the government prying eyes if you are using something like Tor browser or a VPN service? Until a few days ago such precautions might have afforded you some level of privacy and safety, but the new Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure may soon grant the US judges – across the USA – to issue search warrants that will enable law enforcement agencies to remotely access your device especially if you’re using things like the Tor browser or one or another VPN service.

If you don’t know what’s the Tor browser it is a browser used by people who are extra-conscious about their online privacy. It doesn’t allow Internet services to track your online behavior. When you are browsing the Internet through the Tor browser, nobody is supposed to know your whereabouts. Your identity on the Internet is totally hidden. The can’t know your IP address. They have no clue about your location data. They don’t know what other websites you have visited so far and hence ads cannot be tailored according to your browsing history.

Similarly, many people use VPN and services to hide their identities as well as access services that otherwise are not available from their locations – for example people were using VPN services to access the American version of Netflix before the video streaming service cracked down on such services.

Using the Tor browser or some sort of VPN service means you have got something to hide. A normal person (I don’t mean to say that if you want to hide your identity on the Internet you are abnormal) wouldn’t need these tools and services to hide his or her identity on the Internet and hence, the suspicion. This Nextweb post tells you more about the impending amendment.

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