Got New York Public library card? You can download more than 300,000 e-books for free

New York Public library 300,000 e-books
New York Public library 300,000 e-books

The New York Public library has just released a new app called SimplyE after digitising more than 300,000 books in its collection. As long as you have got a New York public library card, you can download the 300,000 e-books for free on your mobile phone or tablet using the SimplyE mobile app. This mobile app that you can use to download more than 300,000 e-books for free from New York Public library is available both for Android and iOS.

Books available in the public domain can be downloaded permanently.

The app – although it is not with clear wherever the information has appeared on the Internet – allows you to “borrow” any of the titles from 300,000 e-books with your library card. Most probably your library card number will be used as the access credential through your library app.

Most probably only one person can “borrow” the e-book at a time. This defeats the purpose of having digital copies of conventional books – multiple copies of the e-book can simultaneously become available to multiple readers and that’s the beauty of e-books. But they would like to follow a library format: in a library, only as many books can be “borrowed” as there are copies available.

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