GOQii fitness band launched in India

GOQii fitness band

Every company seems to be launching one or another wristband for fitness and other utilities. For example you have got an array of what you call smartwatches that become an extension of your smartphone (I don’t know if you get standalone smartwatches like the Google glass). Fitness bands are slightly different. I have already written about the Mi fitness band and Star.21 fitness tracker.

GOQii has launched a new fitness band in India as more and more people are growing health-conscious and would like to track the progress they make in pursuit of a good health. Check out Hero Cycles in India to find out which are the best bikes if you’re starting to cycle to improve your fitness. This new band carries precision motion sensors and algorithms to keep track of the steps you have taken while walking, the time you spend doing various activities that involve physical motion, the quality of your sleep and the duration of the time you sleep. It uses data such as your height, gender, age and weight to calculate and adjust these statistics accordingly. After it analyses your data you can earn Karma points for your progress and you can share your progress on social networking websites from within the smartphones app.


But there’s a difference between this fitness tracker and others available in the market. Unlike other fitness trackers, with this one, you are not on your own. Although you control this tracker with the accompanying smartphone application, the data is regularly reviewed and analysed by fitness trainers and coaches and they give you daily feedback, and I think this is very important.

For Rs. 6,999 you get a six-month subscription of personal health advice from the experts employed by the company. The annual subscription will cost Rs. 11,999. These coaches and trainers don’t just give passive feedback you can also interact with them using the Instant Messenger on your smartphone and you can also schedule an audio or video call with your trainer. You can purchase GOQii either from the website itself or through Snapdeal.com.

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