Google’s new chat and instant messaging service will use AI

Google chat and instant messenger

Practically every Internet company these days provides chatting and instant messaging services using web interface as well as smart phones. Up till now, Google has had Google talk and google Hangouts, there hasn’t been a dedicated chatting and instant messaging service that businesses could use to keep in touch with their customers and clients. In fact, chat and messaging platforms like Slack are developing complete ecosystems around themselves so that people never have to leave the apps and accomplished pretty much everything from within the chatting interface. Google is also, albeit late, jumping into the fray with its own instant messaging service, according to this Buzzfeed update.

So what will be the big difference between the Google messaging service and the remaining lot? Google has made big advances in terms of using artificial intelligence to give you answers as soon as possible, as you must have experienced in Google Now. Google Now provides you context-based information extremely fast on your PC web browser as well as smartphones. Similarly, Google’s messaging application will use chat bots to provide instant answers to most commonly asked questions. This way if you want to use Google chat and messaging service for your business you can feed many questions that can be automatically replied to.

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