Google will penalize your website if you consistently unsafe content on it


Your website may have unsafe content on it with or without your knowledge. If you have been ignoring the “your website may have unsafe content” warning that many browsers give when people visit your website perhaps this is the right time to take some notice and take preventive measures because Google has started analyzing websites that consistently publish unsafe content. What can be deemed as unsafe content?

Your website may be hosting malware. It might be assisting pishing attacks. Maybe your domain is being used to send out lots of spam. Maybe people download viruses and malware onto their computers when they visit your website. Right now when you visit one of such websites, you get a browser warning. You may or may not pay heed to that warning.

But from now onwards, Google will start flagging websites with harmful content. It was like the website for 30 days or until harmful content is removed. Even if you remove harmful content it may take Google 30 days to remove the warning tag.

The warning will appear within the search results that will dissuade people from going to your website if you have harmful content on your website. The Google Chrome browser already gives a warning whenever someone tries to visit a website having harmful content. Just to make things clear, Google will also have the visitor go to another page with a big warning informing the visitor that the site he or she is about to visit contains harmful content.

If your website is an ecommerce website for example, your customers will definitely leave your site without making a sale if they receive this warning. So if you have run your clickfunnels or sales funnels optimisation tactics to directly attract your target audience, but they are receiving this message, what was all that hard work for? If your browser has been giving you warnings when you visit your website, you better take notice of it if you don’t want Google to start giving warnings to your prospective visitors.


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