Google will be providing citywide Wi-Fi in Pune


As a part of the smart city project, Google will be providing citywide Wi-Fi services in Pune. Google will be deploying its Google Station platform. This platform has Wi-Fi network management capability for larger areas and it can be used to provide seamless connectivity at public places. According to this Economic Times link Pune will become the first city in the world to get Wi-Fi from Google Station.

Previously, Google Station has been providing Wi-Fi Internet connectivity to various railway stations (in 2016, Google was providing Wi-Fi connectivity on more than 100 Indian railway stations) in India but it is for the first time that it will be providing citywide Wi-Fi connectivity. For this Google will be working for Pune’s Smart City Development Corporation. It is a $22 million project and Google will be collaborating with IBM, L&T and RailTel.

RailTel will provide last mile fibre connectivity at around 200 strategic locations in the city. Google is already working with RailTel to provide Wi-Fi Internet connectivity on more than 400 Indian railway stations.

Google is planning to monetise the platform through advertising.

Along with Wi-Fi connectivity, the hubs will also have an emergency call box, a public drop box, public address systems, dynamic messaging displays, and environmental sensors.

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