Google will be earning more from its cloud platform than it does from advertising

Google Cloud Services

Advertising is always a shaky business to invest in and Google understands this, despite making a ton of money out of it. This is why, it hopes to bet more on its Google Cloud Platform for making money rather than throwing darts in the darkness which is what advertising does, according to this Business Insider post that quotes Urs Holzle, Google’s eighth employee and the man responsible for the company’s cloud services.

“The goal is for us to talk about Google as a cloud company by 2020,” says Holzle.

Right now two major companies providing cloud platforms are Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Despite being behind these companies, Google aims to become a leader in the cloud services in the near future. Holzle isn’t worried that the other, even comparatively smaller companies, have gotten an edge over the search giant. He uses the example of smartphones. Before Apple launched iPhone, people weren’t even aware of the concept of a smartphone. So Apple had a big lead. Despite that, Google was able to create a massive space with its Android range of phones. The same will be done with Google’s cloud platform.

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